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About us

We are a U.S. based company located in Harlingen, TX. founded in 1999 with specialty in developing resin compounds for rotational molding processes, by choosing raw materials to warranty top quality manufactured products that overcome the expectations of all our customers.

Over the years of exhaustive research, trying to find the success key in the mixture of the best resin compounds that provide the perfect balance between lower cost and excellent performace, we are very proud to introduce a wide range of color Rotocast® rotopowder polymers.

Poliethylene is the best choice when we talk about versatility and thrift. This resin has the perfect physical properties for making any idea to reality taking the easy way by using the capabilitie to flow at low temperatures and dry faster than any other plastic, which this means less energy, decreases  extra efforts.

UVA/UVA-2 as basic additives for rotomolding will shield your products if they need to be exposed to the environment such as tanks, containers, forniture, boats, etc.

ROTOCAST RTC-1055 resin is food and drug grade certified while color rotopowder integrates UVA/UVA2 to compound. RTC-1085 share all properties of 1055 but higher finish optics.


Proportion is clef to get all proyects done, as RTC is a versatile and advanced resin, engineers may do the right settings to obtain the best results by following our technical data sheet.








Thomas Byrne - CEO Founder

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