Over the years of exhaustive research, trying to find the key of success of developing the best compound of resins that offer a balance between lower cost and great optics on the surface of a fisnish product, we are very proud to introduce a wide range of color Rotocast® rotopowder that covers to it´s fullest all the needs of the rotomolding plastic manufacture industry.

LLDPE is the best choice when we talk about versatility, thrift and availability in the market. This specific resin has the perfect physical properties for making any idea to reality taking the easy way by taking as first step the capacity to flow at low temperatures and dry faster than any other plastic, which this means less energy and efforts for any plastic proyect.

Added to this, we´ve mixed technology with all the experience over this years

to find specific additives that  perfect our resins to protect your products, health of your costumers and the planet.


First class resins for plastic industry.